Hello, I’m Ghiyan Pramudya! Welcome to GHideas, my special place where I share my enthusiasm for delicious, easy-to-make recipes.

This blog is dedicated to those who love good food and want to whip up something wonderful in the kitchen. I’m all about creating fantastic meals for fantastic people like you!

I from Bali, Denpasar. Where my culinary adventures began as a youngster in the kitchen, often alongside my grandma. My dream has always been to cook for friends and family, and that dream has become a reality through this blog.

My background includes a decade of varied experiences in restaurant kitchens, doing everything from dishwashing to pastry crafting. These experiences shape my approach to recipe creation.

Drawing from my restaurant experiences and the invaluable cooking knowledge from my grandma, I aim to be your trusted source for genuine, flavorful recipes. My journalism degree ensures I can effectively share these delicious discoveries with you, my cherished readers!

What is GHideas?

GHideas isn’t just a blog, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about being kind, having warm conversations, and sharing the love of home-cooked meals. This approach to life is deeply ingrained in my cooking philosophy.

I hope every recipe I share fills you with joy and inspires you. Perhaps you’ll even spread that warmth with a homemade dish, like my favorite O’Henry bars!

What’s Cooking on GHideas?

Here, you’ll find genuine recipes that I cook for those closest to me. I emphasize using fresh, natural ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes. Plus, I’ll guide you through basic kitchen skills every home chef should master.

You’ll also discover a variety of venison recipes, inspired by the fresh meat provided by my husband’s hunting. From hearty stews to savory meatloaf, there’s plenty to discover and savor!

A Little More About Me:

  • My wife, Natasya, is my partner in life and the best taste-tester I could ever ask for.
  • I’m a true lover of winter, embracing the frosty weather of Wisconsin with open arms.
  • I’m in the process of designing a baking-themed tattoo sleeve, featuring my grandma’s lamb cake recipe.
  • I’m an avid Hanson fan, appreciating their diverse music portfolio.
  • I favor the classic method of writing with pen and paper and always have my planner and notepad with me.

Interested in Collaborating?

GHideas is open for brand partnerships, sponsored posts, and more! If you’re interested in teaming up, drop me an email!