10 Adorable Valentine’s Day Box Designs

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Valentine’s Day is a joyful occasion for children who are still in elementary school. Classroom parties are something that children look forward to throughout the entire school year, and they always bring a nice box to collect Valentines from their friends. These boxes are essential for the party and a lot of fun to look at. On the other hand, most parents procrastinate until later to decorate these boxes. As a parent, you are just one of many who have put off doing something until the very last minute. Be not concerned.

We are aware that you have a lot of responsibilities, and we are aware that you may need help finding a lot of work for these events. Because of this, we have compiled a list of simple ideas for Christmas boxes you can make yourself, sometimes known as do-it-yourself (DIY) holiday box ideas. These concepts are straightforward, inexpensive, and easy to put together, making them an excellent choice for organizing at the eleventh hour.

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1.  Pugs & Kisses Valentine Box

During snowy days, I’ve been crafting with the kids and designed a reversible doll dress, simple with two fat quarters and bias tape. Also, I made heart garlands with scrapbook paper. Daughter’s Valentine box, from a Cheerios box, turned out cute! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image by : sparklingboyideas.com

2. Valentine Box Robot

I am excited to craft a Love Robot Valentine Box with Plaid Crafts. Use an empty tissue box, Apple Barrel paints, and pipe cleaners. Paint the box, stamp hearts, glue on eyes and antennae. Perfect for collecting love notes!

Image by : sparklingboyideas.com

3. Raccoon Top Note Box

Create an adorable raccoon Valentine’s box using a tutorial for a fox box. Modify ears, paws, and mask to resemble a raccoon. Craft supplies and instructions were provided with stamp hearts for a festive touch.

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4. Cupcake Valentine Box

When Valentine’s Day sneaks up, quick DIY projects are lifesavers. Craft a cupcake Valentine box from household items like a plant pot and wrapping paper. Kids can personalize valentines with easy-to-make hedgehog and cupcake cards. Explore simple, fun ideas for a memorable celebration!

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5. Bumble Bee Valentine’s Day Box

Hallie’s excitement for school crafts is contagious. Using a peanut butter pretzel tub from Costco, they crafted a bee-themed Valentine’s box, a fun project involving glue guns and stickers. Hallie’s enthusiasm for crafting and sharing is heartwarming!

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6.  Valentine Gift Holder Ice Cream Cone

Encouraging kids to craft their own Valentine’s cards, these faux ice cream cones are a hit. Using Apple Barrel Craft Paint, the vibrant colors pop, and quick drying make it kid-friendly. Filled with treats, they’re perfect for teachers. Ready to craft? Here’s how!

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7.  Frog Prince Valentine Holder

Are you looking for a unique Valentine’s holder? Craft a Frog Prince from a milk container! With Apple Barrel Paints and Mod Podge, it’s easy. Seal with Mod Podge to prevent chipping. Add googly eyes, felt tongue, and glitter crown for charm!

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8. Puppy Dog Valentine Box

This year’s DIY Valentine card box has a Puppy Dog theme! Utilizing a corn dog box, cut the mouth opening, wrap it with tissue paper, and decorate it with cardstock. It was quickly done with or without a cutting machine. It’s a great last-minute project!

Image by : sparklingboyideas.com

9. Panda Valentine Card Box

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with a cute Panda Card Box! Use a corn dog box, wrap it, cut openings, and glue on a panda face. Add sparkle if you like. A fun project for kids!

Image by : sparklingboyideas.com

10. Dog Valentine Box

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with creative card boxes! Make a Baby Yoda, a cute Dog, or explore more ideas. The Dog Valentine Box is easy and fun, perfect for dog lovers! Follow simple steps and enjoy crafting with your kids.

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