33 Best Easter Cakes

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People celebrate Easter by getting together with their families and eating sweets. With Easter coming up soon, now is the perfect time to celebrate with some delicious Easter cakes. Lots of different kinds of cakes are available, such as bunny butt cakes and bright Easter egg cake pops. With their cute looks and delicious flavors, these cakes are the star of any Easter party.

These Easter cake recipes are sure to please, whether you’re a foodie looking for a new challenge or want to add some sweetness to your Easter celebrations. There are many delicious cakes to pick from, ranging from traditional favorites like lemon pound cake and carrot cake to holiday-themed treats like Easter dirt cake and speckled malted coconut cake. Get your creative juices flowing, and get ready to bake some Easter magic that will make everyone happy.

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33.  Easter Egg Cake Pops

These Easter Egg Cake Pops are a delightful addition to any Easter celebration! They’re both adorable and delicious and made from moist chocolate cake and frosting, shaped into pops, and decorated like colorful Easter eggs. It is a fun activity for kids, too!

Image by : macheesmo.com

32. Easter Swiss Roll

This Easter Swiss Roll is a colorful and tasty treat for the holiday! The cake, rolled with cream cheese frosting and crushed candies, is light and fluffy. Despite some initial challenges, the result is a delightful dessert perfect for Easter celebrations.

Image by : sugarhero.com

31. Sugar Easter Egg Cake

This Sugar Easter Egg Cake is a delightful twist on traditional sugar eggs, now in cake form! Edible and whimsical, it’s a show-stopping centerpiece for Easter celebrations. The detailed decorations and sturdy pound cake base make it a fun and tasty project.

Image by : skinnytaste.com

30. Easter Egg Cake Balls

These Skinny Easter Egg Cake Balls are a delightful Easter treat! Lighter and healthier than traditional cake balls, they’re made with a cake mix, egg whites, and Greek yogurt. Decorate them with colorful chocolate and sprinkles for a fun Easter activity!

Image by : iambaker.net

29. Easter Egg Cakes

Creating these adorable Speckled Easter Egg Cakes is easy and fun! Kids will love decorating these mini cakes with vibrant colors and cocoa speckles. You can even use store-bought pound cake and frosting for a quick treat!

Image by : crazyforcrust.com

28. Easter Sugar Cookie Cake

Are you looking for a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day? Try this adorable layered fudge recipe! It’s easy to make with just a few ingredients and will bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Plus, it’s so cute everyone will love it!

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27.  Easter Nest Cake

Dive into chocolate bliss with this delightful Easter treat. Rich cocoa cake, luscious buttercream, and colorful candies combine for a whimsical and delicious dessert that’s a hit every year. Easy to make, fun to decorate, and a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

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26. Bunny Butt Easter Cake

This adorable Easter cake features a chocolatey surprise inside and a cute bunny butt on top! The moist cake pairs perfectly with the smooth buttercream and playful decorations. A fun and festive treat for the holiday!

Image by : thebakingchocolatess.com

25. Decorate Easter Bunny Cake

Indulge in the adorable and easy-to-make Easter Bunny Cake, adorned with colorful M&M chocolate eggs, sugary Peep marshmallow bunnies, and festive sprinkles. A delightful treat for your Easter dessert table, loved by both kids and adults!

Image by : womansday.com

24. Almond Cake with Ombré Egg and Bunny Cookies

Delight in a heavenly almond cake with raspberry buttercream frosting adorned with charming egg and bunny cookies. This delightful treat is easy to make for any Easter celebration, pleasing both eyes and taste buds!

Image by : womansday.com

23. Coconut Cream Cake

Indulge in the perfect blend of fluffy angel food cake and luscious coconut cream. With just a few steps, this delightful treat is ready to impress, offering a taste of foodie paradise in every bite!

Image by : countryliving.com

22. Speckled Malted Coconut Cake

Impress your Easter guests with this stunning coconut cake. Follow easy steps for fluffy perfection and a velvety smooth finish. Remember the delicate phyllo nest and colorful Robin’s egg candies for a picture-perfect treat.

Image by : thatskinnychickcanbake.com

21. Easter Cookie Cake

This homemade Easter Cookie Cake beats store-bought any day! A simple recipe that yields a thick, chewy cookie loaded with chocolate chips and festive M&M’s. Perfect for any occasion, customizable with seasonal candies. Easy to make and a definite crowd-pleaser!

Image by : 31daily.com

20. Easy Carrot Cake Loaf

This Carrot Cake Loaf is a delight! Moist, dense, and bursting with carrot flavor, it’s perfect for spring or fall. Cream cheese frosting adds a heavenly touch. Quick to make, it’s a must-try recipe for carrot cake lovers!

Image by : sugarhero.com

19.  Easter Polka Dot Cake

This Easter Polka Dot Cake is a whimsical delight, perfect for spring celebrations. While not quick, it’s surprisingly easy, with candy polka dots outside and cake ball surprises inside. The lemon-coconut flavors add to its charm. Perfect for festive occasions!

Image by : marthastewart.com

18. Frosting or Icing

The frosting is fluffy and coats the cake, while the Icing is thinner, glossier, and used for glazing or detailed decorating. Popular frosting types include American buttercream, cream cheese, Swiss, and Italian meringue. Like royal Icing, Icing sets quickly and is ideal for detailed decorations.

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17. White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecakes

These adorable Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes are as delightful as they are delicious. The graham cracker crust provides a perfect base for the creamy strawberry-filled cheesecake, topped with cute white chocolate pretzel nests adorned with Robin’s Egg candies. It’s a treat that will bring smiles and satisfy sweet cravings!

Image by : goodhousekeeping.com

16. Daffodil Cake

This Springtime Orange Cake is a delightful blend of citrus and sweetness, thanks to a splash of orange juice. It’s a perfect treat for the season with a moist texture and tangy glaze.

Image by : 31daily.com

15. Lemon Pound Cake

/This Lemon Pound Cake is a springtime delight with fresh lemon flavor. Its velvety texture and tangy glaze make it a perfect treat for any occasion, from afternoon tea to Easter brunch. Simple ingredients and easy steps make baking a breeze.

Image by : myrecipes.com

14. Strawberry-Lemonade Layer Cake

This strawberry lemonade Cake is a sweet sensation, perfect for any celebration. With fluffy layers infused with lemon zest and juice and filled with strawberry lemonade jam and frosting, it’s a delightful treat worth the effort.

Image by : mycakeschool.com

13. Kit Kat Easter Basket Cake

This Kit Kat Easter Basket Cake is a delightful Easter treat, combining simplicity and cuteness. Easy-to-follow steps and everyday ingredients make it a fun project for the whole family. Perfect for adding a festive touch to your dessert table!

Image by : gogogogourmet.com

12. Spring Flower Cake

This Spring Flower Cake is a creative and festive treat for Easter celebrations. It’s a delightful addition to your dessert table, with easy-to-follow decorating ideas and a blend of fun and fundamentals.

Image by : ithinkwecouldbefriends.com

11. Easter Basket Bundt Cake

This Easter Basket Bundt Cake is a simple yet impressive dessert. A basic Bundt cake recipe transforms it into a delightful Easter centerpiece. Decorate with frosting, candy, and a handle for a stunning result. Easy to make, guaranteed to impress!

Image by : loveandconfections.com

10. Easter Lemon Coconut Cream Cake

With Easter around the corner, I’m planning a feast with ham and sides. For dessert, this lemon coconut cream cake steals the show. Layers of light lemon cake, coconut pastry cream, and whipped coconut frosting create a delightful treat adorned with Easter-themed decorations.

Image by : thecakeblog.com

9. Mini Easter Egg Cake

Elevate your Easter table with these charming Mini Easter Egg Cakes! Using store-bought pound cake and icing simplifies the process, while fondant and stencils add an elegant touch. With pastel colors and golden accents, these bite-sized treats are perfect for celebrating spring.

Image by : wilton.com

8. Easter Egg Cake

Delight in the charm of this Easter Egg Cake, adorned with pastel candy eggs and piped flowers. The buttercream frosting, subtly colored and textured, adds elegance. A simple yet stunning addition to your Easter brunch!

Image by : thecakeblog.com

7. Marbled Chocolate Easter Eggs

These Marbled Chocolate Easter Eggs add a delightful touch to cakes and cupcakes. Simple yet impressive, they’re easy to make and perfect for Easter. Watch the tutorial for step-by-step instructions. Enjoy crafting these edible beauties!

Image by : busycreatingmemories.com

6. Easter Kit Kat Cake

Are you looking for a fun Easter activity? Try this Easter Kit Kat Cake tutorial! Updated with new photos and tips, it’s a hit with kids. Customize with your favorite candies for a festive treat. Decadent and delightful, it’s best shared with friends and family.

Image by : chelsweets.com

5. Peeps Cake

This Peeps cake is Easter perfection! With colorful checkerboard layers and matching drips, it’s a delight for the eyes and taste buds. Follow the detailed steps for success, and enjoy creating this festive treat!

Image by : recipetineats.com

4. Easter Cake!

This Easter Cake is more than just a recipe; it’s a delightful decorating idea! With three layers of Vanilla Cake, charming pastel blue buttercream, chocolate speckles, toasted coconut “nests,” and mini Easter Eggs, it’s a picture-perfect treat. Plus, it’s fun to make!

Image by : lilluna.com

3. Easter Dirt Cake

Easter Dirt Cake, a twist on classic Dirt Cake, is a quick, easy, and delicious Easter dessert loved by all ages. With Oreos, cream cheese, pudding, and festive toppings like PEEPS and candy eggs, it’s a crowd-pleaser and even more fun to eat!

Image by : thebakingexplorer.com

2. Easter Speckled Egg Drip Cake

Easter Speckled Egg Drip Cake is a delightful treat featuring a pastel-colored vanilla sponge, duck egg blue buttercream, and a fun speckled egg effect. Easy to make, it’s a vibrant surprise perfect for Easter gatherings. Storage tips included.

Image by : wilton.com

1. Colorful Bunny Watercolor Cake

Create a stunning Watercolor Bunny Cake for Easter with pastel frosting shades. Use our bunny stencil for a beautiful effect. The intermediate level takes about 4 hours. Cake mix or recipe, frosting, and tools required. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.

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