14 Perfect & Easy DIY Spring Wreaths

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It’s springtime, and what better way to celebrate than to make some cute flowers to hang around your house? There is a wreath for every style and event, with bright flowers, cute bunnies, and funny birdhouses. Now, let’s look at some simple, low-cost ways to make your front door look like spring!

The first wreath is the Stunning Navy and Pink Tropical Flower Wreath, which has trendy navy blue floral designs and tropical patterns. It’s a bright and happy addition to your spring decor, making your guests feel at home. This do-it-yourself project is beautiful and easy on the wallet because it uses cheap products from Hobby Lobby.

Are you ready to enjoy the beauty of spring? You can make the Moss & Twine Birdhouse Wreath with jute twine, sheet moss, and a straw wreath form. With its bright yellow birdhouse, this wreath brings fun to your door and chases the winter blues away. Spring is coming, remember! You can make a cute Easter egg wreath at home with grass, flowers, and painted eggs. The grapevine base gives it a country look, and the bright bow finishes the holiday look. It’s a fun project to make your house look nice and make the Easter Bunny feel welcome.

You can make these wreaths on the weekend, even if you’ve never done crafts. They will bring some springtime joy into your home. Get your craft items together, and let your imagination run wild!

1. Stunning Navy and Pink Tropical Flower Wreath

Create a stunning Navy and Pink Tropical Flower Wreath for your spring decor, combining popular trends like tropical motifs and navy blue floral patterns. Using affordable supplies from Hobby Lobby, the DIY project results in a vibrant and cheerful wreath, perfect for welcoming the season.

2. Moss & Twine Birdhouse Wreath

Embrace spring with a delightful DIY moss-covered wreath. Affordably crafted with sheet moss, a straw wreath form, and jute twine, it exudes a natural charm. A yellow-painted birdhouse, adorned with dark walnut stain, adds a whimsical touch. Cost-effective and easy to assemble, this wreath serves as a cheerful farewell to winter.

3. Easter Egg Wreath

Create a charming DIY Easter Egg Wreath with moss, flowers, and painted eggs. The grapevine base adds a rustic touch. A vibrant bow completes this festive spring decor, enhancing your entryway with a burst of seasonal cheer. The crafting process involves moss application, careful egg attachment with hot glue, floral arrangement, and bow securing. Elevate your home’s festive ambiance with this delightful and straightforward Easter decor project.

4. Fabric Rag Wreath

Craft a vibrant Fabric Rag Wreath to brighten your door effortlessly. This customizable project, perfect for spring/summer, offers a splendid way to infuse color. Easy to store and a delightful TV-crafting activity, it brings joy and creativity to your home.

5. Spring Tulip Wreaath

Embrace the upcoming spring with a vibrant Spring Tulip Wreath! Crafted using faux tulips, a grapevine wreath, burlap, and a monogram letter, this DIY wreath brings a fresh, modern twist to classic tulips. It’s a delightful and budget-friendly project, perfect for welcoming the season. Watch the video for inspiration and explore Michaels’ Floral Market for all your floral needs. Share the excitement of spring home decor with fellow crafters!

6. Spring Bunny Pom Pom Wreath

Celebrate the arrival of spring with the charming Spring Pom Pom Wreath. Crafted with a jute-wrapped wreath form, felt bunny, pom poms, mini eggs, and a fabric bunting, this easy DIY project adds a burst of color and joy to your decor. Use up fabric and yarn scraps for a personalized touch. Follow the simple steps, and you’ll have an adorable spring decoration, no matter the weather outside. Let your creativity bloom!

7. Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath

Prepare for Easter with the vibrant Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath, a delightful DIY project featuring paper mache eggs, crepe papers in a rainbow palette, and a wire wreath frame. Skip the mess of dyeing eggs and opt for textured crepe papers. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to create a wreath that embodies the spirit of Easter and welcomes the arrival of spring. Brighten your space with this cheerful, handcrafted decoration and get ready to indulge in jelly beans and Easter delights!

8. Braided Rope Spring Wreath

Elevate your decor with a charming Braided Rope Wreath, an easy and quick DIY project taking less than an hour. The step-by-step guide utilizes 50 feet of jute rope, offering a versatile base for seasonal embellishments. Impress with a trendy and handmade wreath for any occasion!

9. DIY Air Plant Wreath

Indulge your creative side with this simple and charming DIY Air Plant Wreath, perfect for summer. Crafted with a grapevine base, faux air plant, moss, and colorful faux florals, this wreath adds a touch of nature to your decor. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions using minimal supplies, and enjoy a fun weekend project or craft night with friends. The air plant steals the spotlight, making it a striking and unique focal point for a lovely, natural look. Embrace the joy of crafting and bring the beauty of summer to your doorstep!

10. Own Faux Tulip Wreath to Celebrate Spring

This tulip wreath is a simple yet stunning DIY project. With faux tulips, ribbon, a wire wreath form, florists wire, and hot glue, create a beautiful spring wreath in under an hour. Hang it on your front door to welcome guests with cheery, seasonal charm all spring long.

11. DIY Wedding Wreath

In this delightful DIY wedding series, Ginny and Holly share a charming door wreath project. With a wire wreath frame, ribbon, oasis, flowers, and greenery garland, follow their simple steps to create a beautiful wedding decor piece. Perfect for a cohesive theme alongside the DIY car garland and ceremony aisle marker.

12. DIY Magnolia Wreath

This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with a personalized touch by creating a Magnolia Wreath – her favorite flower. A simple DIY project using a grapevine wreath, magnolia stems, moss, and a hot glue gun. Follow the easy steps to craft a beautiful and affordable gift, adding a heartfelt touch to her day. Stay tuned for a magnolia-themed Mother’s Day printable to complement your thoughtful creation!

13. Fun Bee Wreath with Sunflowers

Craft a cheerful and quick Bee Wreath with Sunflowers for a delightful summer door decoration. Using a burlap door hanger, curly picks, sunflower floral stems, and wired ribbon, the DIY process takes less than 15 minutes. Keep it simple and let the bee motif shine alongside vibrant sunflowers.

14. Pretty DIY Floral Wreath From a Thrift Store Find

Transform a thrift store wreath into a stunning DIY floral wreath with minimal effort. Choose a secondhand grapevine wreath and add fall-colored flowers, creating an affordable, year-round decoration. Perfect for crafters seeking budget-friendly alternatives. Customize with your favorite blooms and enjoy a beautiful, handmade wreath.

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