21 Best Super Bowl Desserts

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The 21 Best Super Bowl Desserts offer a delightful array of treats for game day festivities. Among them, Football Rice Krispie Treats stand out as a touchdown, shaped with chocolate Krispies and vanilla frosting, pleasing both kids and adults. Football Cookies, adorned with delicious royal icing, score big in appearance and taste, making them a game-changer for football-themed events. Meanwhile, Football Cupcakes featuring edible chocolate wrappers made with modelling chocolate add a layer of deliciousness to their creative design, perfect for Super Bowl gatherings.

For those seeking simplicity, Three Easy Football Cupcakes provide a winning play with cute treats and diverse decorations. The Football Brownie Cookies, combining brownie and cookie flavours, promise a touchdown in taste. Chocolate Oatmeal Cream Pie Footballs offer an easy-to-make and delicious game-day delight, while Arizona Cardinals Rice Krispie Treats add a vibrant and crowd-pleasing touch to themed parties.

Creative options like Football Bark, Chocolate Football Spoons, and Pretzel Football Muddy Buddies bring extra fun to Super Bowl parties with their easy customisation and delicious flavours. The selection also includes treats like chocolate chip peanut butter brownies, football cookie pops, and cream-filled chocolate football doughnuts. This ensures a winning combination of taste and simplicity for sports enthusiasts and sweet-toothed alike. Overall, these Super Bowl desserts cater to a variety of preferences, offering something sweet for every fan to enjoy on game day.

21. Football Rice Krispie Treats

These Football Rice Krispie Treats are a touchdown for game day! Using chocolate Krispies and vanilla frosting, they’re easy to shape into footballs. The cheesy football-related tips add extra fun. Perfect for pleasing both kids and kids at heart at your Super Bowl party!

20. Football Cookies

These Football Cookies are a game-changer for football-themed events, especially the Super Bowl. With a delicious royal icing, they score big with both appearance and taste. Easy-to-follow steps make decorating a breeze. Perfect for devoted football fans and party treats alike!

19. Football Cupcakes

These Football Cupcakes are a game-changer for football-themed parties. The edible chocolate wrappers made with modeling chocolate not only look cool but also add a layer of delicious chocolate flavor. Perfect for Super Bowl or any football gathering, these cupcakes are a touchdown in taste and creativity!

18. Three Easy Football Cupcakes

These Three Easy Football Cupcakes are a winning play for parties and tailgates. Using simple techniques, even beginners can create cute football-themed treats. The chocolate frosting is delightful, and the diverse decorations, from football shapes to goal posts, make for a festive touchdown celebration.

17. Football Brownie

Make Football Brownie-Cookies by shaping the dough into a log, freezing, and cutting into pieces. Bake, then decorate with melted white chocolate laces. A delicious twist combining the flavors of a brownie and a cookie. Score a touchdown in taste with these easy-to-make treats!

16. Chocolate Oatmeal Cream Pie Footballs

Score a touchdown with Chocolate Oatmeal Cream Pie Footballs! Shape chocolate oatmeal cookies into footballs, sandwich them with a creamy filling, and pipe white chocolate laces. Easy and delicious game day treats for football fans!

15. Football Brownies for the Big Game

Score big with these easy Football Brownies for the Big Game! Use a box of brownie mix, cut into rectangles, and decorate with white cookie icing to create football designs. A fun and delicious treat for game day. Great for family gatherings and simple to make!

14. Arizona Cardinals Rice Krispie

Score a touchdown with Arizona Cardinals Rice Krispie Treats! These easy and delicious football jersey-shaped treats are perfect for game day. With a vibrant red color representing the team, they’re a delightful addition to your Cardinals-themed party. Simple to make and a crowd-pleaser for football fans.

13. Football Bark

Touchdown with Football Bark! A creative game-day treat, blending semi-sweet chocolate, green candy melts, almonds, and royal icing. Easy to make ahead, this delightful bark adds extra fun to your Super Bowl party. No washing machine blues here, just deliciousness!

12. Chocolate Football Spoons

Score a touchdown at your Super Bowl party with Chocolate Football Spoons! Easily customizable with flavors like mint, peanut butter, or even boozy options. Simple steps: melt chocolate, pour onto spoons, decorate with icing. Kid-friendly too. Fun, tasty, and hassle-free ā€“ the perfect game day treat!

11. Pretzel Football Muddy Buddies

Touchdown! Pretzel Football Muddy Buddies are a game day hit. Peanut butter pretzel nuggets coated in chocolate and powdered sugar, topped with Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups. A bit more effort, but worth it for a crowd-pleaser at your next football party. Irresistibly cute and delicious for sports fans and foodies alike!

10. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Blondies

These Football Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Blondies are a touchdown for game day! With peanut butter blondies shaped like footballs, chocolate and peanut butter chips, and a vanilla frosting lace design, they’re a crowd-pleaser. Even if you’re not sports-inclined, these adorable and delicious blondies are a winner!

9. Football Cookie Pops

These Football Cookie Pops are the ultimate no-bake treat for game day parties! Made from Nutter Butter cookies, dipped in chocolate, and decorated like footballs, they’re a crowd-pleaser. Easy to make, perfect for sports-themed events, and loved by kids, they make a winning addition to any football party!

8. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

This Super Bowl-perfect Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cake is a touchdown! Vanilla-frosted chocolate layers sandwich a surprise chocolate chip cheesecake, crowned with football-shaped chocolate almonds. The rich combination is a game-changer, ensuring cheers from friends and family. Enjoy the ultimate Super Bowl treat!

7. Cream Filled Chocolate Football Donuts

These Cream Filled Chocolate Football Donuts are a game day delight! Using refrigerated biscuits, they’re fried to perfection, filled with vanilla cream, and topped with chocolate. Despite initial fears, frying them is a breeze, resulting in a winning treat for any football gathering!

6. Mini Football Eclairs

These Mini Football Eclairs are a game day hit! With just two ingredients, they’re a breeze to make. Thaw frozen mini eclairs, add homemade icing stitches, and voila! Quick, cute, and delicious ā€“ your guests will love them, and you’ll love the simplicity. Perfect for enjoying the game without the fuss!

5. Football Cookie Cake

Get ready for game day with a simple Football Cookie Cake ā€“ a hassle-free recipe adaptable to almost any cookie flavor. As someone not overly enthused about football, this easy method allows even me to contribute a touchdown-worthy treat. Just bake, slice, shape, and decorate for a winning dessert!

4. Football Field Fudge

Make football season extra sweet with Football Field Fudge from SomethingSwanky! Adorable vanilla fudge resembling a football field, complete with chocolate-covered almond footballs. Even for a non-football enthusiast, the cuteness factor and simplicity make it a winning treat for game day parties!

3. Football Cupcakes Cake

Wow your football party guests with this Pull Apart Football Cupcakes Cake! Simple to make with chocolate cupcakes and buttercream frosting, arranged in a football shape. The added surprise of hidden candies inside the cupcakes is a delightful touch. A sweet addition to your game day dessert table!

2. Cookies & Cream Football Cheese Ball 

Imagine the delight of a sweet Cookies & Cream Cheese Ball, rich with cream cheese, Oreo crumbs, and white chocolate chips. Shaped into a football, this delightful treat pairs perfectly with pretzels, apples, strawberries, and graham crackers. Quick and easy, it’s a winning play for any party, especially the Super Bowl!

1. 50 Yard Line Brownies!

Score a touchdown with these 50 Yard Line Brownies! Celebrating the 50th Super Bowl, they feature golden 50s on a fondant field. The turf is piped with buttercream using a Wilton grass tip. Easy, fun, and a winning play for game day!

Fun Facts

  1. Touchdown Treats Galore: Among the 21 Best Super Bowl Desserts, each recipe offers a unique touchdown-worthy experience, from Football Rice Krispie Treats to Chocolate Oatmeal Cream Pie Footballs, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.
  2. Game-Changing Decorations: Football Cookies not only score big in taste but also in appearance, thanks to their delicious royal icing and easy-to-follow decorating steps, making them a game-changer for football-themed events and Super Bowl parties.
  3. Easy Playbook for Beginners: Three Easy Football Cupcakes provide a winning play for both parties and tailgates, offering simple techniques that even beginners can master. The diverse decorations, from football shapes to goal posts, make for a festive touchdown celebration.
  4. Team Spirit in Every Bite: Arizona Cardinals Rice Krispie Treats bring team spirit to the dessert table with their vibrant red color representing the team. These easy and delicious football jersey-shaped treats are a delightful addition to Cardinals-themed parties.
  5. Sweet Simplicity for Everyone: From Mini Football Eclairs with just two ingredients to the hassle-free Football Cookie Cake, these desserts emphasize simplicity without compromising on taste, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a sweet treat while cheering on their favorite team during the Super Bowl.


21 Best Super Bowl Desserts offer a diverse range of treats, from creatively shaped Football Rice Krispie Treats to the game-changing simplicity of options like Three Easy Football Cupcakes and Mini Football Eclairs. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice, these desserts provide a winning combination of creativity and deliciousness, enhancing the enjoyment of Super Bowl celebrations. So, gather your team and savor these sweet delights for a memorable and fun-filled game day.

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