15 Fun Easter Crafts and Ideas for Tweens

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Easter is a cheerful and creative time for tweens who are old enough to execute simple, entertaining projects. This Easter has many DIY ideas to keep you busy for hours. A Game Day-themed Easter Basket might replace the standard Easter basket with a more functional storage box for teens. This unique gift contains a roll-up cloth chequers board, card games, puzzles, and Slim Jim snacks. Additionally, a golden egg surprise makes this basket much more intriguing. This is a fantastic family or alone activity.

String Easter Eggs are another messy yet rewarding activity. Fill little balloons with glue and water, then carefully wrap them in colorful embroidery thread. Wait for them to dry. The result is a charming string-wrapped egg to display. If you prefer making edible creations, visit the Easter Bunny House. Glue gun, cardboard, and aluminum foil constructed this edifice. It has royal icing and various candies: a skill and a tasty reward. Space fans must see the Galaxy Easter Egg. The four-year-old upgrade includes more giant eggs and richer colors, making it a terrific Easter dΓ©cor. Paper Bunny Treat Bags are a simple and inexpensive alternative. You may make Scandinavian-style bunnies with simple sewing abilities and decorative papers. They store Easter sweets well.

Crafters can decorate Mason jars as Easter egg jars with paint and inventiveness. You can use these jars to store goods or your toothbrush. They make holiday decorating fun. Bunny soak Bombs are a fun and easy DIY project for Easter gifts or a relaxing soak. If you want kids to play outside, build $10 Easter baskets with jump ropes, bubbles, chalk, and planting seeds. These inexpensive baskets encourage kids to play.

With scissors, glue, and cardstock paper, you can construct a lovely 3D Paper Bunny. Another fun home project is making an Easter bunny from wooden spoons. Doodle Easter Eggs enable drawers to use Sharpie markers to create bright, modern egg patterns. Finally, Easter Friendship Bracelets and Carrot Nail Polish are fun projects that make fantastic gifts for crafters. These ideas are just the beginning of innovative and enjoyable Easter crafts with kids.

15. Handmade Game Day Themed Easter Basket

Elevate Easter with a Game Day Fun Basket! Ditch traditional baskets for a versatile storage box, perfect for daily use. Craft a Roll-Up Fabric Checkers Board and fill the box with card games, puzzles, Slim Jim snacks, and a golden egg surprise. Ideal for tweens and teens, promoting family fun and solo entertainment.

14. String Easter Eggs

Get ready for a messy, satisfying, and cute crafting adventure with string Easter eggs! Blow up balloons, wrap them with colorful embroidery floss soaked in glue and water, and let them dry. Pop the balloons to reveal delightful, string-wrapped eggs, perfect for display or hanging. Kids will love this fun and creative Easter project.


Embark on a delightful Easter adventure by crafting an edible Easter Bunny House with your tweens. Use cardboard, aluminum foil, and a glue gun to construct the structure. Decorate with assorted candies and royal icing, letting creativity flow. Enjoy this tasty holiday tradition!

12. Galaxy Easter Egg

Embark on a cosmic crafting adventure with these Galaxy Easter Eggs. Originally a hit four years ago, this revamped version boasts larger eggs and more vibrant colors. With over 137,000 Pinterest pins, these epic eggs promise a stellar and unique Easter decoration. Enjoy the creative journey!

11. Paper Bunny Treat Bags

Craft these Paper Bunny Treat Bags for a quick, budget-friendly, and adorable Easter gift. Using various decorative papers, a downloadable bunny template, and basic sewing skills, these Scandinavian-inspired bunnies are perfect for holding Easter treats. A charming and addictive DIY project that adds a delightful touch to your Easter celebrations. Enjoy making and sharing these cute bunny bags!

10. Easter Egg Mason Jars

Transform Mason jars into adorable Easter Egg Mason Jars with colorful paint and simple techniques. A family-friendly craft that enhances festive decor. Easily adaptable for various uses like holding utensils or toothbrushes, these jars are bunny-approved. Though requiring multiple drying periods, the reusable jars offer lasting Easter charm. Follow the straightforward tutorial for a delightful Easter project with your kids.

9. DIY Bunny Bath Bombs

Craft Bunny Bath Bombs, perfect for Easter basket fillers. Using a Wilton silicone bunny mold, combine baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, Epsom salt, sweet almond oil, water, and essential oil. Add optional food coloring. Press into mold, dry overnight, and enjoy scented, shaped bath bombs. Easy, fragrant DIY for a relaxing Easter.

8. Easter Baskets

I’m thrilled for spring and summer, so I crafted these $10 outdoor-activities Easter baskets for my kids. Skip the candy; these affordable baskets encourage active play with items like jump ropes, bubbles, chalk, and seeds for planting. A budget-friendly and fun alternative!

7. 3D Paper Bunny

Celebrate Easter with a functional and charming paper bunny decoration. Easily create it with the provided template, using cardstock paper, glue, and scissors. Choose between solid colors or a stylish geometric pattern. Follow the simple steps for a delightful spring gift or decor piece. Enjoy crafting!

6. Wooden Spoon Easter Bunny

Get crafty with a simple and fun wooden spoon Easter bunny project! Use common household supplies and follow the tutorial. Create adorable bunny ears, face, and banner with fabric, a wooden spoon, and craft essentials. A delightful Easter decor or gift for a cheerful touch! 🐰🎨

5. Plastic Easter Egg Crafts

Turn plastic Easter eggs into exciting crafts! Unleash your creativity with simple, fun projects. From colorful decorations to unique gifts, these crafts are a fantastic way to add flair to your Easter celebrations. Get ready for some egg-citing DIY fun! 🐣🎨

4. Doodle Easter Eggs

Embrace creativity with cool Easter crafts for teens – doodle Easter eggs! Using Sharpie markers, decorate white eggs with modern, vibrant designs. Perfect for teens who love doodling and working with colors. Let your artistic flair shine for a cheery and unique Easter touch. 🎨🐰

3. Gift Basket for Crafters

Create lasting memories with a DIY Love Basket! Decorate a handleless basket with washi tape, then fill it with Michaels’ exclusive Valentine’s Day craft kits, knitting supplies, and candies. A thoughtful and creative gift for craft lovers. πŸ’–πŸŽ

2. Easter Friendship Bracelets A Creative Easter Craft For Tweens

Engage tweens with a festive Easter craft – colorful Easter friendship bracelets! Using letter beads, pony beads, and stretchy string, create bracelets with fun phrases like “eggcellent” and “hippity hoppity.” A delightful addition to Easter baskets or a creative gift for tweens. 🐣🌈

1. Carrot Nail Polish

Spread spring and Easter love with a simple and fun DIY – “carrot” nail polish. Wrap green construction paper around the polish cap, cut into strips, and fan them out for a carrot stem look. A charming and affordable gift for friends or teenagers. πŸ₯•πŸ’…

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