21 Easy Easter Basket Ideas

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Happy Easter! What better way to celebrate than with unique Easter package ideas? Everyone can find necessary and fun products. Easter “baskets” are ideal for practical gifts. Shop at World Market for reusable containers. For unusual Easter gifts, fill them with kitchen items, toys, or sweets. Even though these aren’t baskets and grass, they offer many fun and functional party options. Grownup Easter baskets are charming for Easter fans who desire something more grownup. These elegant chocolates, flowers, champagne, and self-care baskets are a fancy way to celebrate with loved ones. It’s an adult reference to Easter hunts as a kid you loved.

Lots more ideas. Homemade Bath Bomb Easter Eggs are fun for DIYers. You may make these eggs with household items. Their bubbly, scented bath makes a terrific Easter present. They are fantastic for resting; they smell fantastic and are colorful. Older teens may not want Easter baskets. A metal toolbox or travel toiletries kit containing their favorite candy and grooming products may appeal to these kids. Know what they enjoy and give them that. The Disney Princess Easter Basket makes a beautiful Easter morning present for smaller kids with games, crayons, and other themed goodies. They’re storing their best stories and characters’ magic. Fans of their favorite sport can appreciate a personalized gift basket. Adding their hobby to Easter is excellent. Make bags from plastic bottles for a fun and informative twist. Kids can have fun decorating Easter boxes with stickers or markers and hunting for eggs.

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21. Practical Easter “Basket” Ideas

I explored practical Easter “baskets” at World Market, opting for reusable containers and cute dish towels instead of traditional baskets and grass. Filled with kitchen gadgets, toys, or candy, these baskets offer endless options for a memorable and valuable Easter celebration.

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20. Grown-Up Easter Basket

With Easter memories of childhood hunts fading as my kids grow, I crafted a charming adult Easter basket. Filled with flowers, champagne, pampering treats, and chocolates, it’s a delightful way to celebrate the season with friends or family.

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19. DIY Bath Bomb Easter Eggs

These Bath Bomb Easter Eggs are a delightful addition to any Easter basket or a relaxing treat for yourself. Easy to make with household ingredients, they offer a fizzy, aromatic bath experience. Enjoy crafting these colorful and fragrant treats!

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18. DIY Easter Basket For Teens

For creative Easter baskets for older kids, I ditched traditional baskets and opted for reusable items like a metal toolbox and a travel toiletries case. Filled with candy favorites and grooming essentials, these personalized baskets were a hit!

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17. Easter Mason Jar Gift

These Easter Mason Jar treats are a delightful gift or party favor idea. Fill plastic jars with colorful candy layers, topped with a chocolate bunny. Easy to make and perfect for Easter gatherings or gifts.

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16. Hockey Easter Basket

Create the ultimate hockey Easter basket for your sports-loving child. Ditch the traditional basket for a pink helmet filled with hockey gear, bunny plush, and treats. Personalize with water bottles and pencils for a fun twist. Ideal for hockey enthusiasts!

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15. Disney Princess Easter Basket

I made my daughter a Disney Princess-themed basket without candy for Easter. I found budget-friendly items like puzzles and crayons at Dollar Tree, Cinderella shoes at Target, and princess chalk at Five Below. It is practical and delightful! She’ll love it!

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14. Plastic Bottle Easter Basket

Kids can make their own Easter baskets using plastic bottles. Cut a bottle in half, add a handle, and decorate with markers or stickers. Perfect for egg hunts! Check our Easter crafts collection for more fun activities.

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13. Baby Easter Basket

For baby Easter baskets, skip candy and select valuable items like teethers and snack cups. Add toys like rings and plushies for fun. Check out the post for more ideas and links to purchase.

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12. Dinosaur Easter Basket

Easter Basket idea that is simple to create with household items as well as features the awesome and realistic Velociraptor from Schleich Toys!

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11. Sports Themed Gift Bucket

Craft a personalized sports-themed gift bucket for the baseball lover in your life. Fill it with baseball essentials like a scorebook, peanuts, and a hat, ideal for coaches or enthusiasts. Perfect for Father’s Day or birthdays.

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10. Easter Basket For Girls

Create a chalkboard Easter basket for your creative girls. Find supplies at Kroger and add construction paper, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, and confetti eggs for crafting fun. Perfect for encouraging creativity on Easter morning.

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9. DIY Disney Princess Easter Basket

Get ready for Easter with a DIY Disney Princess basket. Start the day with princess pancakes and a themed egg hunt. Create the basket with Walmart finds, including a carriage bubble blower and princess-themed goodies. Perfect for a particular Easter morning for your little princess!

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8. Watering Can Easter Basket

Are you looking for a simple, practical Easter basket idea? Try a watering can basket. It is functional and fun and avoids excess candy and toys, making it perfect for toddlers. Create a memorable Easter for your little ones with creativity and minimal expense.

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6. Beach Easter Basket

Are you looking for a creative Easter basket idea? Consider a beach-themed basket! Practical and fun, it’s perfect for summer anticipation. Find colorful beach totes, vibrant towels, sea creature toys, quality sand toys, and any necessities. Kohl’s offers a surprising selection, making it a one-stop shop for Easter goodies.

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5. DIY Shopkins Tutu Easter Basket

Looking for a fun Easter basket idea? Try this DIY Shopkins Tutu Basket! Customize with your child’s favorite colors and fill it with Shopkins goodies. Easy to make and perfect for Shopkins fans.

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3. Garden Easter Basket

Are you looking for Easter basket ideas? Try a creative twist with a “My Garden Easter Basket” filled with Hershey’s treats and toy gardening tools. It’s a hit with kids, combining fun treats and outdoor play. Easter is about family and fun; this basket adds to the celebration.

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2. Easter Basket For Boys

Are you looking for Easter basket ideas for boys? Try a giant sand dump truck filled with Hershey’s treats and outdoor toys. It’s a fun and practical gift that combines candy with playtime. Easter baskets don’t have to be pastel to be Easter!

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1. Rain Boot Easter Baskets

Create adorable rain Boots and Easter Baskets for kids using Lone Cone rain boots. Fill them with Easter goodies like Play-Doh, candy, and toys. It’s an easy, cute, and practical idea. Lone Cone boots, available on Amazon, are durable and loved by kids. Perfect for springtime fun!

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