25 DIY Valentines Day Crafts

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Here is a list of 25 easy and creative DIY Crafts for Valentine’s Day. One of the interesting crafts is the “Spinning Heart Valentine’s Day Card,” which provides a surprise with a twist that makes it spin and reveals a beautiful heart inside. Other crafts include making heart ornaments from yarn, stained glass heart suncatchers made from black glue and sharpies, and pop-up cards containing hearts.

You can also create adorable “Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines” with colorful bubblegum balls in plastic ornaments or make cute “Toilet Roll Love Bugs” from toilet paper rolls and basic craft supplies. There are also crafts suitable for kids, such as the “Valentine Hedgehog Craft” and “Heart Shaped Monkey Valentine Craft.”

Furthermore, you can try more creative crafts like the “DIY Dollar Store Heart Wreath” that’s budget-friendly, “EASY CHALK PASTEL HEART ART” full of colors, or the “3D Heart Card” that provides a sweet and personalized message. All tutorials come with easy-to-follow steps, so you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with a unique and creative touch of love.

25. Spinning Heart Valentines Day Card

Looking for a wow factor in your Valentine’s Day card? This Spinning Heart Valentine’s Day Card is not only easy to make but adds a delightful surprise. Celebrate love with this unique card that spins open to reveal a charming heart. A perfect way to express appreciation to friends or loved ones. The step-by-step tutorial makes it simple to create this special card, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable Valentine’s Day gesture.

24. Valentines Day Crafts

Love is in the air! Learn to make adorable yarn-wrapped hearts, a perfect Valentine’s Day craft for both kids and adults. With just yarn, cardboard, scissors, and tape, create charming heart ornaments. The easy tutorial guides you in crafting these delightful decorations, adding a touch of love to your festivities.

23. Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher

Create vibrant stained glass heart suncatchers with ease! Crafted using black glue made from a simple mix of black acrylic paint and white Elmer’s glue, these suncatchers showcase striking outlines and provide a convincing stained glass effect when colored with sharpies. Ideal for celebrating Valentine’s Day, these charming decorations are an enjoyable and cost-effective craft for both kids and adults. Watch the video tutorial for a step-by-step guide and infuse your windows with festive warmth.

22. Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines

These Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines are the ultimate adorable and sweet gifts for kids! Featuring multicolored bubblegum balls in a plastic fillable ornament, topped with a red paper cup, metallic gray heart, and a pink ribbon message saying “I Chews You.” Quick, easy, and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

21. Valentine Hedgehog Craft for Kids

Create the sweetest hedgehog Valentine with this easy and delightful craft. Kids use the printable hedgehog template, paint, pom-poms, and hearts to craft personalized Valentines. Perfect for sharing love at home or school, this project offers creativity and fun for all ages!

20. Paper Heart Flower Craft

Craft a heartfelt Paper Heart Flower with this easy and delightful craft. Ideal for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s, this creative project lets kids spread love by designing flowers. Includes a cute bee clip for extra charm. Perfect for crafting and sharing love any day!

19. DIY Dollar Store Heart Wreath

Craft a lovely DIY Dollar Store Rose Heart Wreath for just $7 with supplies from Dollar Tree. Choose foam roses in various hues, secure them with hot glue on a wire heart wreath form, and add a felt backing. A quick, budget-friendly Valentine’s Day decoration!

18. Easy Chalk Pastel Heart Art

This chalk pastel heart art is a vibrant and easy Valentine’s Day project for kids. Using a simple pastel technique on black paper creates a glowing effect. A free printable template makes it even more accessible. Tips for working with chalk pastels are shared, and the final result is a unique and beautiful Valentine’s Day art piece for kids of all ages.

17. Easy Heart Pop Up Cards

These Heart Pop-Up Cards are a delightful craft, perfect for occasions like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s. The easy-to-follow tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for making these personalized cards, encouraging creativity with color choices and additional decorations. A charming and heartfelt way to express love on any special day!

16. Paper Roses Heart Craft for Kids

This Paper Roses Heart Craft is a lovely project for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, making a beautiful gift. While not suitable for young kids, the rolled paper roses are easy to make with patience. The step-by-step tutorial guides you through creating a stunning and heartfelt decoration.

15. Sweet and Simple Woven Heart Craft

This Woven Heart Craft, inspired by Scandinavian designs, is a delightful Valentine’s Day project for kids. With a printable template, colored cardstock, and buttons, it’s easy to create these charming hearts. Suitable for older kids, this craft makes a lovely decoration for the season.

14. Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with this delightful Heart Craft. Using red paper, white cardstock, googly eyes, and basic craft supplies, create a charming Heart Man with bouncing arms and legs. The template and easy steps make it affordable and enjoyable for kids.

13. Toilet Roll Love Bugs for Valentine’s Day

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with these easy and super cute Toilet Roll Love Bugs. Using toilet paper rolls and basic craft supplies, kids can create adorable love bugs with endless design possibilities. Perfect for preschoolers to enjoy crafting and spreading love.

12. Tulip in a Heart Card

Get ready for heart-melting sweetness with this Tulip in a Heart Card. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, this card features a 3D pop-up tulip when opened. Easy to make with or without a template, it’s a heartfelt way for kids to share kind and warm messages.

11.Heart Bee Craft

Buzzing with cuteness, this Heart Bee Craft is a delightful Valentine’s Day card for kids to create. Using heart shapes, it’s easy and fun. Choose bee colors or go for Valentine’s hues like red and pink. A perfect craft for lessons on shapes.

10. Valentine Bee Craft

This Valentine Bee Craft is buzzing with cuteness! A perfect activity for kids to create adorable bee-themed Valentine’s Day cards. With a free printable template, it’s easy and fun. Great for classrooms or as sweet gifts for friends and family.

9. Valentine Gnome Craft

Get ready for a love-filled celebration with this adorable Valentine Gnome Craft. Simple and enjoyable for preschoolers and kids of all ages, these heart-filled gnomes make charming displays for Valentine’s Day. Customize them with special messages inside the hearts for a personalized touch. A delightful craft for home or classroom!

8. DIY Valentine Wreath

This Valentine’s DIY wreath is an adorable and thrifty craft for kids. Using a dollar store puzzle, recycled cardboard, and basic art supplies, it’s easy and budget-friendly. The heart-shaped wreath, with a playful “Love You to Pieces” banner, is a cute and festive door decoration for Valentine’s Day.

7. Bouquet of Hearts Card for Valentine’s Day

Create a heartfelt Valentine’s Day card with this easy DIY bouquet of hearts. Using colored paper, markers, and glue, make unique hearts, adding doodles or messages. Attach them to a folded card with stems drawn in green, creating a charming pop-up bouquet. Perfect for sharing love with friends and family.

6. Heart Shaped Monkey Valentine Craft

Craft an adorable heart-shaped monkey with your kids this Valentine’s Day. Gather red and pink cardstock, googly eyes, the printable monkey template, black sharpie, scissors, and glue. Follow the simple steps to cut, assemble, and create a cute monkey face. Perfect for a festive and enjoyable crafting session with your little ones!

5. Fingerprint Love Bug Card Crafts

Craft adorable fingerprint love bug cards for various occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or thank-yous. A simple and engaging craft for all ages, using thumbprints to create cute bugs with googly eyes. Personalize with creative messages like “Thumb-Buggy loves you” or “Thumb-Buggy thinks you’re sweet!” Easy steps and versatile for any celebration.

4. Paper Plate Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath Craft

This Heart Wreath Craft is a delightful Valentine’s Day activity, using paper hearts on a paper plate base. It’s a simple, engaging project with clear instructions. Get creative with different colors and sizes. Perfect for kids, and the final result is a charming decoration.

3. How to Make a Heart Envelope

Creating heart envelopes is a nostalgic and easy craft, perfect for sharing notes on Valentine’s Day or any occasion. The provided template simplifies the process. The step-by-step guide, along with the video tutorial, makes it a fun and engaging activity. Customize with colored paper and stickers for a personal touch.

2. Heart Shaped Dog Valentine Craft

Crafting an adorable pom-pom dog is a delightful and easy project. With white and black pom-poms, pink and white cardstock, googly eyes, and glue, assemble a cute pup with heart-shaped ears and a playful tongue. Perfect for a fun and imaginative crafting session.

1. 3D Heart Card

Crafting a vibrant 3D heart card is a delightful and simple Valentine’s Day project. Using the provided template or creating a rainbow of hearts, cut and layer them on a folded card. Personalize with notes for a sweet and heartfelt surprise. Easy and charming for sharing love!

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