66 Dollar Store Easter Crafts

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The Easter projects available suit different tastes and activities. Recycled tin can rabbit pots are fun for gardeners and environmental enthusiasts. Make bright Peeps-themed mason jars with exciting designs for a unique look. Making everyday items into unique and intriguing sculptures is rewarding. Easter table settings can look lovely with mason jar candy pedestals. Their beauty and ability to unite make these projects stand out. Crafting brings families and friends together, creates memories, and decorates houses for Easter. While simple, these activities require a little imagination to bring any idea to life and make Easter memorable.

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Easter crafts are a fun way for families and friends to celebrate and express their creativity. Imagine turning ordinary materials into beautiful Easter ornaments and gifts with a few inexpensive resources. You may make a bunny-themed mason jar. Painting or putting vinyl stickers can creatively repurpose these jars. These pretty vases for flowers or sweets may bring spring to any room. The thrill of making these objects and their particular charm are indescribable. Family art projects boost creativity and bonding. The bunny-inspired and vibrantly hand-painted Easter egg mason jars evoke joy, simplicity, and shared experiences.

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1. Dollar Tree Easter Craft

Create adorable Bunny Jars for Easter using Dollar Tree supplies. Hot glue Easter shapes onto mason jars, spray paint lids, and fill with candy. A simple and fun project for the family!

Image by : happinessishomemade.net

2. Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Make these adorable Easter Bunny Mason Jars using vinyl stickers and chalky finish paint. Fill them with candy or other goodies for a delightful springtime gift. Easy and fun for the whole family!

Image by : masonjarcraftslove.com

3. Easter Egg Mason Jars

Create adorable Easter egg mason jars with colorful patterns. Use tape for designs, touch up with paint, distress with sandpaper, and add finishing dots. Perfect for DIY and available on Etsy.

Image by : number-2-pencil.com

4. Easter Mason Jars Craft

Create adorable Easter mason jars with spray paint and vinyl faces. Easy to make and perfect as vases or candy jars. Use rubbing alcohol to clean jars, then paint and add vinyl faces. Subscribe for more craft ideas.

Image by : crazylittleprojects.com

5. Easy Easter Candy Jars

Create adorable Easter candy jars with glitter and cute faces. Paint jars with decoupage, add glitter, and then decorate with foam ears, eyes, and pom-pom tails. Fill with candy for a perfect Easter gift. Easy craft for kids, too!

Image by : weknowstuff.us.com

6. Bunny Planters

Create adorable Tin Can Bunny Planters with recycled cans. Spray paint, add felt ears, googly eyes, and a pom-pom tail. Fill with spring plants for a fun Easter craft with kids. Perfect for welcoming spring!

Image by : masonjarcraftslove.com

7. Peeps Mason Jars

Create adorable Peeps Mason Jars for Easter using white-painted mason jars, yellow paint, washi tape, and acrylic paint for details. Inspired by nail art, these jars are a cheerful addition to Easter decor or as gifts. Easy and fun to make!

Image by : livingwellspendingless.com

8. DIY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals

Create cute DIY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals using mason jars and dollar store candlesticks. Easy and quick to make, perfect for displaying Easter candy. Swap candy for different holidays. Optional chalkboard lids add versatility. Great for crafters short on time!

Image by : createcraftlove.com

9. Bunny Pom Pom Garland

Create cute bunny pom-poms with white yarn and craft foam. Attach ears and tails, then string them onto baker’s twine. Kids can join with supervision. Adorable Easter decor for fireplace or wall.

Image by : sewmanyways.blogspot.com

10. Easter Decor…I Love Spray Paint!

Karen revamps an old ceramic bunny with chocolate-colored spray paint. Looks so tempting you might mistake it for the real deal! Perfect for Easter décor.

Image by : littlehouseoffour.com

11. Dollar Tree Carrot

Turn Dollar Tree carrot jump ropes into realistic faux carrots with chalk paint and antique wax. Quick, inexpensive, and perfect for spring or Easter décor. A clever project for neutral home décor enthusiasts.

Image by : madincrafts.com

12. Dollar Store Robin’s Eggs

Create realistic faux robin’s eggs with foam eggs and craft paints from the dollar store. A fun and easy spring project for kids. Paint eggs light blue, then spatter with thinned black paint for a realistic look. Great for vase filler or wreath embellishments.

Image by : southernstateofmindblog.com

13. Chalk Paint Easter Eggs

Turn cheap plastic Easter eggs into natural-looking decor with chalk and craft paint. Coat with cream chalk paint, add Robin’s egg blue, then dot with brown paint. Imperfections add charm. Easy and fun craft!

Image by : thekimsixfix.com

14. Three Dimensional Textured Easter Eggs

Get creative with dollar-store plastic eggs for Easter. Transform them into modern, monochromatic textured eggs using hot glue and spray paint. Experiment with designs. The matte finish hides bright colors, yielding unique results. Easy and fun project!

Image by : theprojectpile.com

15. Dollar-Cheap to Super-Chic!

Transform dollar store Easter bunnies into chic decor with chalk paint. Update their look for neutral aesthetics. Easy DIY with two coats of paint. Customize with any color. Simple, cute, and customizable home decor.

Image by : averageinspired.com

16. Spring Bunny Flower Pot Gumball Machine

Craft your flower pot gumball machines with adorable bunnies for Easter decor. Easy and fun DIY project using terracotta pots, candy jars, foam bunnies, and paint. Bring Easter cheer to your home or share it with a neighbor.

Image by : craftysisters-nc.blogspot.com

17. Jelly Bean Topiary

Spending hubby-free time crafting with Nicole, reminiscent of old times. Created adorable jelly bean topiaries. Simple DIY with mini pots, styrofoam balls, jellybeans, moss, and floral foam. Crafting with Easter candy: one for the craft, one to eat!

Image by : thisisourbliss.com

18. Easter Egg Topiary Placecards

Excited for spring with a Dollar Store DIY series. Crafting with dollar store finds simplifies decorating. Made cute Easter Egg Topiary Placecards using terra-cotta pots, foam eggs, and spray paint. A fun and easy project!

Image by : loveoffamilyandhome.net

19. DIY Spring Birdhouses

Crafty project using birdhouses, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge to create spring decor. Easy tutorial with charming results. Great for adding a pop of color to any space.

Image by : tatertotsandjello.com

20. Easter Egg Inspired Vases!!

Crafting expert Kimberly shares a charming DIY for Easter Egg Vases using stemless wine glasses. Easy and budget-friendly, perfect for spring decor. She also recommends her favorite recent projects.

Image by : makeanddocrew.com

21. DIY Easter Bunny Nursery

Craft your adorable bunny shelf using popsicle sticks. This versatile DIY piece works for Easter or as year-round decor. Easy-to-follow instructions and free template make it a fun project for all skill levels.

Image by : livingwellspendingless.com/

22. Dollar Store Ombre Vases

Craft your stunning ombre vases using dollar-store finds and high-gloss acrylic paint. With a cost under $7 for all three vases and simple steps, this project is a winner for cost-conscious crafters.

Image by : weekendcraft.com

23. DIY Recycled Easter Bunny Vases

Transform a jar into an adorable Easter bunny vase using chalk paint and acrylic paint. Perfect for Easter decor or a kids’ craft. Easy steps make this a stress-free project, ideal for Easter celebrations.

Image by : peanutblossom.com

24. Easter Egg Tree

Learn to create a charming Easter egg tree from Jean’s book “The Artful Year.” Using blown eggs and simple materials, it’s an affordable and delightful project. Perfect for adding a festive touch to your home decor.

Image by : domesticallycreative.com

25. Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art

Create a charming moss-covered bunny canvas art with just a few dollar store supplies. Easy and fun, it’s a perfect addition to your spring decor. Great for adding a touch of greenery to your home.

Image by : thecraftedsparrow.com

26. Coffee Filter Peonies Flowers

Create vibrant coffee filter peonies with just a few simple supplies. Perfect for adding color to any space without breaking the bank. Versatile and long-lasting, they’re great for centerpieces, party decor, or gift toppers.

Image by : placeofmytaste.com

27. Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

Create vibrant coffee filter peonies with just a few simple supplies. Perfect for adding color to any space without breaking the bank. Versatile and long-lasting, they’re great for centerpieces, party decor, or gift toppers.

Image by : thepinningmama.com

28. DIY Easter Bucket 

Create personalized Easter baskets for your kids with this easy DIY. Target buckets adorned with vinyl decals make adorable and affordable alternatives. Grab the free Easter Bunny cut file for your Silhouette machine.

Image by : twosisterscrafting.com

29. Easter Egg Candle Holder

Transforming beautiful Beaded Easter Eggs into elegant Easter Egg Candle Holders inspired by Pinterest. Crafted with plastic eggs, seed beads, wooden discs, and dowels. A sturdy assembly is needed for stability. Overall, it is a delightful DIY project for Easter décor enthusiasts.

Image by : onelittleproject.com

30. Paper Napkin Bunny Favors

Kids adore these paper napkin bunny favors! Simple and fun to make, they’re perfect Easter treats or table decorations. Dollar store supplies and foil-covered chocolate eggs add charm. A delightful craft for the whole family.

Image by : rufflesandrainboots.com

31.  Easter Bunny Gnome DIY!

This no-sew Easter gnome tutorial is adorable and easy to follow, perfect for crafting enthusiasts of all levels. Create a charming Easter gnome with bunny ears and a carrot-inspired hat with basic supplies like socks, rice, and felt. A delightful addition to holiday decor!

Image by : momluck.com

32. Easter Egg Yarn Balloon Basket

Create charming DIY String Easter Egg Baskets using crochet yarn and liquid starch. Wrap yarn around balloons, coat with starch, and let dry overnight. Fill with Easter goodies like candy and trinkets for a delightful holiday surprise. Add festive ribbons and decorations for extra flair.

Image by : onelittleproject.com

33.  Pom Pom Bunnies

Discover the joy of pom pom crafting with these adorable Pom Pom Bunnies. Although time-consuming, making them is a delightful activity for all ages. Soft, cuddly, and perfect for Easter baskets. Follow the easy steps for a fun crafting session!

Image by : easypeasyandfun.com

34. Easy Paper Bunny Craft

These Easy Paper Bunny Crafts are incredibly cute and simple to make. Perfect for decorating Easter baskets or creating a charming garland. While preschoolers might need assistance, it’s an enjoyable project suitable for kindergarten kids and beyond. Let’s get crafting!

Image by : thebestideasforkids.com

35. Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

This Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft is perfect for kids, requiring minimal supplies and offering loads of fun. Toddlers and preschoolers can quickly join in, cutting out ears and gluing. It’s a delightful activity for Easter celebrations, sparking creativity and joy.

Image by : apumpkinandaprincess.com

36. Sock Bunny

With Easter approaching, I wanted simple yet delightful gifts for the kids’ baskets. These adorable sock bunnies are perfect. Inspired by Family Fun Magazine, they’re easy to make and add a charming touch to Easter festivities.

Image by : onelittleproject.com

37. Lolly Pop Bunnies

Parenting can feel overwhelming, but knowing others face similar struggles brings relief. These lolly pop bunnies are adorable and accessible, perfect for Easter baskets or a fun craft with kids. They’re simple to make, and even a few show you care.

Image by : onelittleproject.com

38. Clothespin Bunnies

Parenting can be nerve-wracking, especially during messy crafts. These clothespin bunnies are cute and easy for Easter. Kids can enjoy them as decorations or play characters. Simple supplies and steps make it a stress-free project.

Image by : hobbycraft.co.uk

39. Bunny Spoon Puppets

These bunny spoon puppets are a must-have for Easter fun! Upcycle wooden spoons into adorable puppets. Quick and easy to make, using items you likely already have. A delightful activity for kids!

Image by : firefliesandmudpies.com

40. Pine Cone Bunnies

Craft adorable pine cone bunnies with your kids using simple materials. Enhance fine motor skills and imaginative play. Easy and fun, these nature-inspired crafts are perfect for Easter.

Image by : iheartcraftythings.com

41. Super Cute Foam Cup Bunny Craft

Create adorable foam cup bunnies with your kids using simple supplies like foam cups, paint, and markers. Add googly eyes and pom-pom tails for extra cuteness. Pair this craft with bunny-themed books for a delightful Easter activity.

Image by : thebestideasforkids.com

42. Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny

Get ready for some Easter fun with these adorable Popsicle Stick Easter Bunnies! Kids can easily create these cute bunnies using craft sticks, pom poms, and cardstock. Perfect for Easter baskets or as table decorations. Easy and delightful!

Image by : web.archive.org

43. Yarn Bunny

Get ready for an Easter crafting extravaganza with a variety of bunny-themed projects! There’s something for everyone, from yarn bunnies to paper and sock bunnies. Follow simple instructions for each craft, including materials needed and step-by-step directions. Enjoy creating these adorable Easter decorations!

Image by : onelittleproject.com/

44. Foam Cup Bunnies

These foam cup bunnies are adorable and easy to make with simple supplies. Fill them with candy and toys or plant seeds for a fun Easter treat or decoration. Quick to create, they’re perfect for kids’ crafting!

Image by : easypeasyandfun.com

45. Cotton Ball Bunny Craft

Get ready for an Easter craft that’s as cute as it gets! This cotton ball bunny card is fluffy, adorable, and customizable with a child’s photo, making it a personal touch. Perfect for classrooms, it’s a fun, acceptable motor activity too!

Image by : redtedart.com

46. Easter Chick sewing craft

Get ready for a delightful Easter activity! This paper plate chick sewing craft promotes fine motor skills and creativity for kids. With simple supplies like paper plates, yarn, and felt, it’s a fun project for the whole family. Enjoy crafting this adorable Easter decor!

Image by : simpleasthatblog.com

47. Paper Plate Easter Chick

Get crafty this Easter with these simple and cute baby chick crafts. Using paper plates and basic supplies, create adorable chicks with fluffy wings. Perfect for family crafting, these chicks are sure to be a hit!

Image by : onelittleproject.com

48. Candy-Filled Easter Egg

Get ready for Easter with these adorable candy-filled egg carton chicks! A simple craft using basic supplies like paint, paper, and glue. Kids will love making them, and they’ll make charming table decorations for Easter dinner. Easy, cute, and perfect for spring!

Image by : craftymorning.com

49. Chick Craft Using a Fork

Get crafty with dinner prep! A fork, yellow paint, googly eyes, and paper turn into an adorable chick. Kids can easily make it themselves. Perfect for farm or Easter-themed fun. Try it on homemade cards!

Image by : craftsbyamanda.com

50. Plastic Spoon Chicks for Easter

Get ready for Easter with colorful plastic spoon chicks! These personalized placeholders are perfect for family gatherings and are easy to make with Craftsmart paint. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this festive craft. Try it out for a delightful table decoration!

Image by : craftymorning.com

51. Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks

Get creative with these adorable Easter chicks! Paint mini popsicle sticks yellow, then add paper feet, beaks, and wings. Easy and fun for kids. Check out more Easter crafts on Crafty Morning’s social media or newsletter.

Image by : aboutfamilycrafts.com

52. DIY Colorful Chicks in Nests

Get crafty with colorful chicks in nests! Use yarn, plastic cups, Mod Podge, plastic eggs, wiggle eyes, craft foam, and feathers. Easy steps: coat cup with Mod Podge, wrap yarn, dry, add egg, eyes, beak, and feather. Perfect Easter decor or treat holders!

Image by : premeditatedleftovers.com

53. Potato Easter Egg Stamps

Create handmade potato Easter egg stamps for kids with potatoes, paint, and paper. Cut potato halves, carve designs, dip in paint, stamp on paper. Fun and easy Easter craft for kids!

Image by : kidscraftroom.com

54. Easter Egg Suncatcher

Create vibrant Easter Egg Suncatchers with contact paper and tissue paper. Easy, mess-free craft perfect for spring. Hang in windows for beautiful colors. Enjoy creativity with unique designs. Great for kids’ fine motor skills. Plus, it’s budget-friendly and versatile!

Image by : alittlepinchofperfect.com

55. Beautiful Easter Egg

Create stunning Easter Egg Doily Crafts with paper doilies and craft paper. Mess-free and unique, resembling intricate eggs from “Rechenka’s Eggs.” Perfect for Easter decor. Enjoy crafting while embracing the beauty of Patricia Polacco’s story.

Image by : easypeasyandfun.com

56. Doily Sheep Craft

Create a cute sheep with paper doilies, black paper, and googly eyes. Simple and fun! Explore more doily craft ideas shared by talented bloggers. Perfect for kids’ crafting.

Image by : typicallysimple.com

57. Craft Stick Flower Pots

Craft stick flower pots are a mess-free, adorable spring project for kids. No glue is needed! Use rubber bands to secure colorful craft sticks around a tin can, and add ribbon, soil, and flowers. Perfect for homemade gifts.

Image by : happyhooligans.ca

58. Coffee Filter Easter Wreath

This Coffee Filter Easter Wreath is a simple, mess-free craft that toddlers and preschoolers will adore. Use just a few supplies like coffee filters and liquid watercolors to create colorful wreaths perfect for spring. Easy, adorable, and fun!

Image by : onelittleproject.com

59. Q-Tip Lamb Craft

This Q-tip Lamb Craft is a delightful way to welcome spring! Simple to create with household items, it’s perfect for kids. This adorable lamb will surely bring smiles, whether as a festive decoration or a fun activity!

Image by : homemadeginger.com

60. Q-Tip Flowers

Learn how to craft adorable q-tip flowers with this easy tutorial! Perfect for kids, these colorful blooms make charming centerpieces or desk decor. Customize colors to match your theme. Watch the video for guidance. Enjoy crafting inspired by Anthropologie!

Image by : makeandtakes.com

61. Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquets

Get ready for Easter with these Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquets! Using just plastic eggs and green pipe cleaners, create colorful and vibrant displays in minutes. Simple and cheerful, they’re perfect for spring decor. Brighten up your home for the season!

Image by : naturalbeachliving.com

62. Easy Easter Crafts

Get ready for Easter with these easy Easter yarn crafts for kids! Use yarn, cardboard, and basic craft supplies to make adorable chicks and carrots. Perfect for preschoolers and beyond, these cute decorations are fun to create and perfect for Easter!

Image by : onegoodthingbyjillee.com

63. Practical Easter “Basket” Ideas

I explored practical Easter “baskets” at World Market, opting for reusable containers and cute dish towels instead of traditional baskets and grass. Filled with kitchen gadgets, toys, or candy, these baskets offer endless options for a memorable and valuable Easter celebration.

Image by : craftberrybush.com/

64. Grown-Up Easter Basket

With Easter memories of childhood hunts fading as my kids grow, I crafted a charming adult Easter basket. Filled with flowers, champagne, pampering treats, and chocolates, it’s a delightful way to celebrate the season with friends or family.

Image by : lydioutloud.com

65. DIY Bath Bomb Easter Eggs

These Bath Bomb Easter Eggs are a delightful addition to any Easter basket or a relaxing treat for yourself. Easy to make with household ingredients, they offer a fizzy, aromatic bath experience. Enjoy crafting these colorful and fragrant treats!

Image by : myserendipitylife.com

66. DIY Easter Basket For Teens

For creative Easter baskets for older kids, I ditched traditional baskets and opted for reusable items like a metal toolbox and a travel toiletries case. Filled with candy favorites and grooming essentials, these personalized baskets were a hit!

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