21 Fun Easy Valentines Day Crafts For Kids

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Valentine’s Day is a great time to do some cute crafting with kids, and we’ve found some easy and adorable projects. People liked making the Valentine Hot Air Balloon and the Heart Suncatcher from paper plates. The kids’ use of everyday items like paper plates, crepe paper, and beads in these activities helped them be more creative and kept them very interested in the project the whole time. Because these projects are so flexible, you can make each unique by adding your touch.

Another group of projects that stood out was the Heart Symmetry and Puffy Paint Hearts. These were both lovely. Any kid of any age could take part in these arts and crafts. They included using paint to make symmetrical drawings and making heart-shaped masterpieces with homemade puffy paint. These games were not only a lot of fun, but they were also great ways to teach babies about basic ideas like symmetry. Making Heart Rocks inside added a magical touch, turning plain rocks into beautiful heart shapes. This game was great for rainy days.

Last but not least, the Paper Heart Mobile and the Jeweled Heart Suncatchers gave our home a festive feel. Doing these projects with recycled materials and everyday things like string and paper was easy. They would look great as decorations in the classroom or at home. They devised a way to celebrate the fun and good holiday for the world. Crafts for Valentine’s Day each gave people a unique and enjoyable experience, which made the Day more meaningful and created wonderful times for families to spend together.

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1. Paper Plate Valentine Hot Air Balloon

This craft, suitable for kids, uses a paper plate, pink crepe paper, and heart stickers to create a charming Valentine’s Day hot air balloon. Adult supervision is crucial, and feel free to customize it. Happy crafting!

Image by : happinessishomemade.net

2. Valentine’s Day Heart Suncatcher

This Valentine’s Day craft is perfect for toddlers who love shapes. Kids create heart suncatchers using simple materials like paper, contact paper, tissue paper, and sequins. Easy to make, engaging, and delightful. A hit with my little one!

Image by : craftsonsea.co.uk

3. Mosaic Heart Craft

This easy mosaic heart craft fosters scissor skills and creativity for preschoolers. Using simple materials like colored cardstock and construction paper, kids create charming decorations. Adaptable and engaging, it’s ideal for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. My daughter loved it!

Image by : artfulparent.com

4. Heart Symmetry Paintings

This symmetry painting activity, blot art, is a hit with kids of all ages. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, it involves dropping paint on one side of the paper, folding, and pressing to create unique, symmetrical designs. Accessible and engaging for toddlers and beyond!

Image by : redtedart.com

5. Puffy Paint Hearts

This homemade puffy paint recipe is a hit for Valentine’s Day crafts! Easily create puffy paint hearts for cards or garlands. With just three ingredients, it’s simple and fun for preschoolers. Enjoy this delightful activity for the holiday season!

Image by : notimeforflashcards.com

6. Heart Rocks

When it’s rainy outside, bring the fun indoors with these adorable heart rocks. Using contact paper and paint, kids can create charming heart designs. It’s an easy and magical Valentine’s Day craft that adds love to any space.

Image by : happyhooligans.ca

7. Stamping Hearts with Cardboard Rolls

Get crafty this Valentine’s Day with homemade heart stampers! Transform cardboard rolls into heart shapes for stamping artwork or customizing wrapping paper. It’s an easy and fun activity for kids to express their creativity.

Image by : web.archive.org

8. Love Bugs

Spread love with adorable Love Bugs Valentine’s Day craft! Easy and quick to make in 15 minutes. Glitter pom poms and heart wings add extra charm. Perfect for kids and Valentine’s Day festivities.

Image by : kidscraftroom.com

9. Jeweled Heart Suncatchers 

Create stunning Jewelled Heart Suncatchers using recycled materials like plastic milk jugs. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any occasion. Kids will love making these colorful crafts, promoting environmental awareness and creativity. Great for gifting or home decor.

Image by : buggyandbuddy.com

10. Paper Heart Mobile

Craft a delightful Paper Heart Mobile with simple supplies like paper, scissors, tape, and string. This easy Valentine’s Day craft adds festive charm to any space, perfect for home or classroom decor. Enjoy creating colorful heart decorations with kids for a fun holiday activity.

Image by : meaningfulmama.com

11. Tie Dye Coffee Filter Valentine Heart

Create delightful tie-dye coffee filter Valentine’s hearts with kids of all ages. Fold, color with markers, then drip water for a beautiful tie-dye effect. Effortless, enjoyable, and inexpensive craft perfect for Valentine’s Day. Great for toddlers and beyond.

Image by : easypeasyandfun.com

12. Valentine’s Day Heart Fingerprint Tree

Create a charming Valentine’s Day Heart Fingerprint Tree with kids of all ages. Use ink pads or finger paints for thumbprint leaves. It is a simple setup, quick, and perfect for classrooms or as a card. Easy-to-follow steps included.

Image by : meaningfulmama.com/

13. Hidden Message Valentine’s Hearts

Create Hidden Message Valentine Hearts to share particular affirmations with kids. They’ll delight as secret messages appear during painting. A simple, inclusive Valentine’s Day activity for all ages. Easy setup fosters family bonding.

Image by : iheartcraftythings.com

14. Animal Valentines Crafts

Get into Valentine’s Day spirit with adorable paper animal Valentines. Easy for kids to craft, perfect as gifts. Choose from koala, skunk, panda, fox, or raccoon. Personalize with hidden messages. Supplies are simple, making it ideal for home or school.

Image by : thebestideasforkids.com

15. Valentine Science Experiments

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with three easy and fun science experiments for kids: Magic Milk, Skittles Heart, and Borax Crystal Hearts. Simple setup and standard supplies make these activities perfect for home or school. Remember adult supervision, especially with borax.

Image by : thebestideasforkids.com

16. Valentine Balloon Craft

Make adorable Valentine balloon crafts using recycled paper rolls, paint, and photos of your child. Customize with heart stickers or fingerprint hearts. Perfect for classrooms or home. Easy and fun for Valentine’s Day!

Image by : naturalbeachliving.com

17. Valentine’s Day Slime Card

Make adorable Valentine’s Day slime cards with simple supplies like glue, baking soda, and foam balls. Add a cute message and share this unique and fun gift with friends. Perfect for preschoolers and kids of all ages.

Image by : easypeasyandfun.com

18. 3D Heart Card

Brighten someone’s day with this colorful 3D heart card for Valentine’s Day. Use our free template or get creative without it. Easy to make with basic supplies like paper, scissors, and glue. Perfect for adding a personal touch to your message.

Image by : theresourcefulmama.com

19. Valentine’s Day Heart

Prepare for Valentine’s Day with this fun and affordable heart craft for kids. Use simple supplies like paper, scissors, and glue. Download the provided template or get creative with your own designs. Perfect for adding a touch of excitement to your crafting area.

Image by : housingaforest.com

20. Valentine’s Day Heart Minion

Image by : thebestideasforkids.com

21. Salt Dough Hearts

Create adorable and personalized conversation hearts with salt dough for Valentine’s Day. Easy to make with flour, salt, and water. Customize with letter stamps and paint. Perfect for gifts or decorations. Kids will enjoy crafting these delightful ornaments.

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